What is the meaning of aircraft in English?

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n. aircraft

Definition of aircraft in English

Aerial vehicle.

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n. aircraft carrier

Definition of aircraft carrier in English

Warship equipped with an ample top deck, intended for the transport, maintenance, take off and landing of military aircraft.

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n. anti-aircraft gun

Definition of anti-aircraft gun in English

Piece of artillery used to shoot explosive projectiles at aircrafts.

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n. light aircraft

Definition of light aircraft in English

Lightweight aeroplane equipped with a set of propellers and intended for recreation or transport.

Synonyms of light aircraft in English

small plane

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n. unmanned aircraft system

Definition of unmanned aircraft system in English

Motorised aircraft controlled remotely by a human or programmed to autonomously follow flight plans, intended for military use, recreation or reconnaissance.

Synonyms of unmanned aircraft system in English

droneUAVUASunmanned aerial vehiclepilotless aircraft