What is the meaning of body in English?

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n. body

Definition of body in English

Set of organs and tissues that comprise the physical structure of living beings.

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n. body double

Definition of body double in English

Person who physically resembles a main cast member and replaces them in scenes they prefer not to do and in which their face is not shown.

Synonyms of body double in English


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n. body oil

Definition of body oil in English

Cosmetic or pharmaceutical product of an oily consistency, made from plant extracts and applied to the skin to moisturise, nourish and replenish it with nutrients.

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n. ciliary body

Definition of ciliary body in English

Ring shaped part of the uvea, which surrounds the lens, whose main functions are the modification of the lens for focal accommodation and the production of aqueous humor.

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n. lock body

Definition of lock body in English

Rotating body of a lock that houses a series of spring-loaded pins which are activated by the insertion of the correct key, releasing or closing the lock.

Synonyms of lock body in English


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n. pineal body

Definition of pineal body in English

Small endocrine gland, centrally located in the vertebrate brain, whose primary function is the production of melatonin in order to regulate sleep patterns.

Synonyms of pineal body in English

pineal glandconariumepiphysis cerebrithird eye

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n. vertebral body

Definition of vertebral body in English

Anterior part of the vertebra, shaped like a flattened cylinder, which provides the spine with solidity and resistance.

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n. vitreous body

Definition of vitreous body in English

Clear, gelatinous fluid which fills the cavity between the lens and the retina, whose main function is to preserve the shape of the eye and to maintain a uniform surface of the retina.

Synonyms of vitreous body in English

vitreous humour