What is the meaning of boot in English?

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n. boot

Definition of boot in English

Sturdy footwear that covers the foot, ankle, and part of the leg.

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n. ankle boot

Definition of ankle boot in English

Footwear that fully covers the foot and ankle.

Synonyms of ankle boot in English


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n. combat boot

Definition of combat boot in English

Waterproof leather boot which has a thick ribbed sole, originally designed to be part of a soldier's uniform.

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n. cowboy boot

Definition of cowboy boot in English

Heeled riding boot traditionally worn by cowboys.

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n. fishing boot

Definition of fishing boot in English

Waterproof boot which reaches the hip, designed to move in water while fishing.

Synonyms of fishing boot in English

waderhip boot

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n. riding boot

Definition of riding boot in English

Boot that typically rises to the knee, designed to be worn when horse riding.

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n. ski boot

Definition of ski boot in English

Protective boot that is designed to fix the foot to the ski while skiing.

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n. trekking boot

Definition of trekking boot in English

Water-resistant boot which has slip-resistant soles, designed for walking.

Synonyms of trekking boot in English

mountain boothiking boot