What is the meaning of bug in English?

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n. bug

Definition of bug in English

Small arthropod, often winged, with a three-part body and three pairs of legs, that uses tracheal respiration.

Synonyms of bug in English


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n. lady bug

Definition of lady bug in English

Insectivorous beetle that has a hemispherical body and brilliantly coloured wing covers, typically red or yellow, with black spots.

Synonyms of lady bug in English

ladybirdladybuglady beetleladybird beetle

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n. leaf-bug

Definition of leaf-bug in English

Herbivorous insect that resembles a leaf, typically green, and native to South and Southeast Asia, as well as Australia.

Synonyms of leaf-bug in English

leaf insectwalking leafbug leaf

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n. pincher bug

Definition of pincher bug in English

Omnivorous insect that is flat-bodied and brownish or red in colour and has long antennae and two rear appendages in the form of pincers.

Synonyms of pincher bug in English