What is the meaning of dragon in English?

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n. dragon

Definition of dragon in English

Large, reptilian creature of various mythologies that has four legs and a long, pointed tail, typically able to fly and breathe fire.

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n. dragon fruit

Definition of dragon fruit in English

Edible fruit of large size, oval shape, and skin of yellow or red scales with green tips, with white or red flesh and many small seeds.

Synonyms of dragon fruit in English


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n. frilled dragon

Definition of frilled dragon in English

Carnivorous lizard, up to 90 cm (2 ft 11 in) in length, that has an erectile collar with cartilaginous spines, native to southern New Guinea and northern and western Australia.

Synonyms of frilled dragon in English

frilled-necked lizardfrilled lizardfrilled agama

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n. Komodo dragon

Definition of Komodo dragon in English

Lizard, considered the largest in the world, which is an alpha predator, and has rough scales of brown or reddish gray colour, venomous saliva, and a tail that is as long as its body.

Synonyms of Komodo dragon in English

Komodo monitor

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n. thorny dragon

Definition of thorny dragon in English

Insectivorous lizard, approximately 20 cm (8 in) in length, that is covered in spikes and capable of changing color to camouflage, native to the deserts of Australia.

Synonyms of thorny dragon in English

thorny devilmountain devilthorny lizardmoloch