What is the meaning of elephant in English?

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n. elephant

Definition of elephant in English

Herbivorous mammal, known for being the world's largest, that has a long trunk, wide ears, and ivory tusks, endemic to Africa and Asia.

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n. elephant beetle

Definition of elephant beetle in English

Herbivorous rhinocerous beetle, black in colour and coated in fine, yellowish hair, whose males have a long frontal horn with two shorter ones on each side, which lives in tropical climates.

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n. elephant ear

Definition of elephant ear in English

Heart-shaped pastry, typically coated in a glaze of chocolate, egg yolk, or powdered sugar.

Synonyms of elephant ear in English

palmierpig's ear

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n. elephant seal

Definition of elephant seal in English

Large pinniped of the seal family, between 3 and 5 m in length, earless with flippers and a large snout that, in the male, resembles a trunk.