What is the meaning of ice in English?

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n. ice

Definition of ice in English

Solid, crystalline body into which water transforms when it reaches temperatures below its freezing point.

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n. ice axe

Definition of ice axe in English

Handheld, mountaineering tool made up of a shaft with a spike at one end and a flat head at the other, which is used to push forward through iced or treacherous slopes.

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n. ice-box

Definition of ice-box in English

Insulated, portable container used to keep food and drink cool during transport.

Synonyms of ice-box in English


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n. ice bucket

Definition of ice bucket in English

Container that is used to contain or serve ice cubes.

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n. ice cream

Definition of ice cream in English

Sweet that is made by freezing a mixture of milk, sugar, and other ingredients for flavouring.

Synonyms of ice cream in English

iced cream

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n. ice pick

Definition of ice pick in English

Utensil with a strong, sharp point to break up blocks of ice.

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n. ice skate

Definition of ice skate in English

Boot with a blade attached to the sole, designed to slide the user across the ice, used in ice skating and various sports.

Synonyms of ice skate in English


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n. ice skater

Definition of ice skater in English

Person who practises ice skating.

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n. sea ice

Definition of sea ice in English

Group of floating slabs of ice that form in polar ocean regions.

Synonyms of sea ice in English

ice sheet