What is the meaning of intestine in English?

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n. intestine

Definition of intestine in English

Muscular, membranous and tubular organ, located between the stomach and the anus, whose main function is to complete the digestive process, absorbing nutrients and water from ingested food.

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n. large intestine

Definition of large intestine in English

Terminal part of the digestive tract that extends from the end of the small intestine to the anus, whose main functions are the reabsorption of water and minerals and the storage of feces.

Synonyms of large intestine in English

large bowel

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n. small intestine

Definition of small intestine in English

Part of the digestive tract which extends from the gastric outlet to the beginning of the large intestine, whose main function is the digestion and absorption of nutrients from the diet.

Synonyms of small intestine in English

small bowel