What is the meaning of purple in English?

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adj. purple

Definition of purple in English

Of the colour of amethyst.

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n. purple cabbage

Definition of purple cabbage in English

Large variety of cabbage that is purple and white in colour and consists of a stalk and numerous overlapping leaves, which form a dense, compact head.

Synonyms of purple cabbage in English

red cabbage

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n. purple coneflower

Definition of purple coneflower in English

Inflorescence with a central disk of yellow or red, tubular florets, which is surrounded by a set of long, pink florets that resemble petals.

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n. purple mangosteen

Definition of purple mangosteen in English

Edible fruit of small size and round shape that has reddish-purple skin and segmented, white flesh.

Synonyms of purple mangosteen in English