What is the meaning of ski in English?

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n. ski

Definition of ski in English

Elongated board that is designed to be worn on the foot and glide over snow, attached to each foot longitudinally.

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v. ski

Definition of ski in English

To move in a gliding manner over the snow on skis.

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n. ski boot

Definition of ski boot in English

Protective boot that is designed to fix the foot to the ski while skiing.

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n. ski goggles

Definition of ski goggles in English

Glasses that are designed to protect the eyes from the wind and snow while skiing.

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n. ski lift

Definition of ski lift in English

Transport system consisting of a pull cable from which vertical frames are hung, designed for the transport of skiiers and equipment to the top of a ski trail.

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n. ski pole

Definition of ski pole in English

Stick that is designed to maintain balance when skiing.