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(Adj) Clothing Status

(Adj) Clothing Status

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adj. dressed

Definition of dressed in English

Wearing garments.

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adj. undressed

Definition of undressed in English

Not wearing garments or wearing only underwear.

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adj. naked

Definition of naked in English

Not wearing any clothes.

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adj. shirtless

Definition of shirtless in English

With a bare torso.

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adj. wearing a coat

Definition of wearing a coat in English

Dressed in outer garments made of warm materials.

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adj. without a coat

Definition of without a coat in English

Not wearing outer garments made of warm materials.

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adj. shod

Definition of shod in English

With the feet covered in footwear.

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adj. barefoot

Definition of barefoot in English

With the feet uncovered.

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adj. disguised

Definition of disguised in English

Wearing a certain outfit that is characteristic of another person or thing.

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adj. wearing a suit

Definition of wearing a suit in English

Dressed in an outfit that consists of a jacket, trousers, and a vest made of the same fabric, worn with a shirt and tie.

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adj. uniformed

Definition of uniformed in English

Wearing the identifying outfit of members of a certain institution or organisation.