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(N) Actions fantasy II

(N) Actions fantasy II
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noun invocation

Translation: invocación

Definition of invocation in English

Call upon a supernatural entity in order to make a request.

Definition of invocation in Spanish

Llamada a una entidad sobrenatural para hacer una petición.

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noun possession

Translation: posesión

Definition of possession in English

Seizure of control of a body by supernatural means.

Definition of possession in Spanish

Toma de control de un cuerpo por medios sobrenaturales.

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noun exorcism

Translation: exorcismo

Definition of exorcism in English

Expulsion of an evil spirit from the body.

Definition of exorcism in Spanish

Expulsión de un espíritu maligno del interior de un cuerpo.

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noun resurrection

Translation: resurrección

Definition of resurrection in English

Restoration of life after death.

Definition of resurrection in Spanish

Regreso a la vida después de morir.

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noun levitation

Translation: levitación

Definition of levitation in English

Act of rising and remaining the air without material support or mounting.

Definition of levitation in Spanish

Acto de elevarse y mantenerse estable en el aire sin apoyo ni sujeción material.

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noun petrification

Translation: petrificación

Definition of petrification in English

Conversion to stone.

Definition of petrification in Spanish

Conversión en piedra.

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noun appearance

Translation: aparición

Definition of appearance in English

Act of making one's presence apparent in a place.

Definition of appearance in Spanish

Acto de presentarse o manifestarse en un lugar.

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noun disappearance

Translation: desaparición

Definition of disappearance in English

Act or instance of ceasing to be present or visible.

Definition of disappearance in Spanish

Acto de dejar de estar presente o a la vista.