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(N) Endocrine System

(N) Endocrine System

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n. endocrine system

Definition of endocrine system in English

Group of organs and tissues of the body responsible for the secretion of hormones in order to regulate many bodily functions.

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n. hypothalamus

Definition of hypothalamus in English

Central portion of the base of the vertebrate brain, which regulates the endocrine system and various processes of the autonomic nervous system.

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n. pituitary gland

Definition of pituitary gland in English

Gland located at the base of the vertebrate brain, whose main function is to maintain homeostasis through the endogenous secretion of hormones.

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n. pineal gland

Definition of pineal gland in English

Small endocrine gland, centrally located in the vertebrate brain, whose primary function is the production of melatonin in order to regulate sleep patterns.

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n. thymus

Definition of thymus in English

Lymphoid gland, located in the upper region of the thorax, specialised in the development and selection of T lymphocites for proper immune function.

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n. thyroid gland

Definition of thyroid gland in English

Lobed endocrine gland, located in the inferior, central part of the neck, which produces various hormones that influence the organism´s metabolism and growth.

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n. parathyroid gland

Definition of parathyroid gland in English

Each of the small glands, located posterior to the thyroid, which secretes parathyroid hormone in order to regulate the organism's calcium and phosphate levels.

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n. pancreas

Definition of pancreas in English

Glandular organ, located in the upper right part of the abdomen, which produces various hormones and enzymes that influence metabolism, digestion, and blood sugar levels.

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n. suprarenal gland

Definition of suprarenal gland in English

Endocrine gland located above the kidney, which secretes various hormones, particularly those that moderate the organism's stress response.

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n. gonad

Definition of gonad in English

Each of the reproductive glands, which produces gametes and sexual hormones.

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n. ovary

Definition of ovary in English

Female gonad, which produces the ova and sex hormones.

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n. testicle

Definition of testicle in English

Male gonad, which produces and secretes sperm and sex hormones.