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(N) Lymphatic System

(N) Lymphatic System

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n. lymphatic system

Definition of lymphatic system in English

Set of organs and structures, formed by ganglia, ducts, and vessels, which is responsible for producing lymph and transporting it from the tissues of the body to the bloodstream.

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n. lymph node

Definition of lymph node in English

Nodular structure of variable size that is located throughout the body and contains lymphocytes.

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n. lymphatic vessel

Definition of lymphatic vessel in English

Conduit through which the lymph circulates throughout the body.

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n. lymph

Definition of lymph in English

Transparent fluid that circulates throughout the body, exchanging substances between the blood and tissues, and also defending the organism from pathogens.

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n. thymus

Definition of thymus in English

Lymphoid gland, located in the upper region of the thorax, specialised in the development and selection of T lymphocites for proper immune function.

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n. spleen

Definition of spleen in English

Vascular organ in the upper left part of the abdomen, whose main function is to destroy aged red blood cells.

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n. Peyer's patch

Definition of Peyer's patch in English

Grouping of lymphatic tissue, located mainly in the ileum, whose main function is to produce marker cells to identify pathogens for later destruction.

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n. tonsil

Definition of tonsil in English

Rounded mass of lymphoid tissue, located in the pharynx on both sides of the uvula, which protects the opening of the digestive tract from possible infections.