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(N) Parts of the Mouth and Nose

(N) Parts of the Mouth and Nose
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noun mouth

Translation: boca

Definition of mouth in English

Initial opening of the human digestive track, through which food is ingested and vocal tones are emitted, located on the face.

Definition of mouth in Spanish

Abertura inicial del tubo digestivo humano, a través de la cual se ingieren alimentos y se emiten sonidos, localizada en la cara.

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noun tongue

Translation: lengua

Definition of tongue in English

Muscular organ of great mobility with a fixed base inside the mouth and a freely moving tip.

Definition of tongue in Spanish

Órgano muscular de gran movilidad con la base fija al interior de la boca y el extremo libre.

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noun danger triangle of the face

Translation: triángulo de la muerte

Definition of danger triangle of the face in English

Area of the face located between the corners of the mouth and the bridge of the nose, which is especially susceptable to critical infection.

Definition of danger triangle of the face in Spanish

Área de la cara localizada entre las comisuras de la boca y el puente de la nariz, especialmente susceptible a infecciones críticas.

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noun commissure

Translation: comisura

Definition of commissure in English

Junction of two corresponding anatomical structures.

Definition of commissure in Spanish

Lugar donde se unen dos estructuras anatómicas equivalentes.

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noun lip

Translation: labio

Definition of lip in English

External, mobile and fleshy part of the mouth.

Definition of lip in Spanish

Parte exterior, móvil y carnosa de la boca.

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noun nose

Translation: nariz

Definition of nose in English

Prominent organ located between the eyes and the mouth, which is used in breathing and smelling.

Definition of nose in Spanish

Órgano prominente localizado entre los ojos y la boca, que se utiliza para respirar y oler.

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noun nasal bridge

Translation: puente nasal

Definition of nasal bridge in English

Superior part of the nose inside of which the nasal bones are located.

Definition of nasal bridge in Spanish

Parte superior de la nariz en cuyo interior se localizan los huesos nasales.

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noun dorsum nasi

Translation: dorso nasal

Definition of dorsum nasi in English

External ridge of the nose, which extends from the nasal root to the tip.

Definition of dorsum nasi in Spanish

Parte superior de la nariz, que se extiende desde en inicio de la nariz a la punta.

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noun ala nasi

Translation: ala

Definition of ala nasi in English

Cartilaginous ark that comrpises the exterior surface of the nostril.

Definition of ala nasi in Spanish

Arco cartilaginoso que rodea la cara exterior del orificio nasal.

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noun nasal cavity

Translation: fosa nasal

Definition of nasal cavity in English

Hollow space located between the nostrils and the pharynx, whose main functions are to conduct air flow during respiration and to house the olfactory sensors.

Definition of nasal cavity in Spanish

Espacio hueco localizado entre los orificios nasales y la faringe, cuya función principal es conducir el flujo de aire durante la respiración, así como alojar los sensores olfativos.

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noun philtrum

Translation: filtro

Definition of philtrum in English

Small facial indentation that is centrally located between the upper lip and the nasal septum.

Definition of philtrum in Spanish

Hendidura pequeña en la cara, localizada entre el centro del labio superior y el septum nasal.

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noun nasal septum

Translation: tabique nasal

Definition of nasal septum in English

Osteocartilaginous wall that divides the nasal cavity into the right and left nostrils.

Definition of nasal septum in Spanish

Pared osteocartilaginosa que divide la cavidad nasal en las fosas nasales derecha e izquierda.