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(N) Parts of the Neuron

(N) Parts of the Neuron

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n. neuron

Definition of neuron in English

Basic cell of nervous tissue, which transmits electrical and chemical impulses throughout the body.

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n. nucleus

Definition of nucleus in English

Organelle of eukaryotic cells that houses DNA.

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n. soma

Definition of soma in English

Bulbous central body of the neuron, which houses the nucleus and other organelles, from which the axon and dendrites branch.

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n. dendrite

Definition of dendrite in English

Branched extension of the neuronal soma, whose function is to receive nerve impulses from other neurons via synapses.

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n. axon

Definition of axon in English

Branched projection from the neuronal soma, whose function is to conduct electrochemical impulses to other cells via synapses.

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n. myelin

Definition of myelin in English

Lamellar lipoprotein substance that covers the axon of certain nerve cells, whose primary function is to optimize the speed of nerve impulse transmission.

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n. node of Ranvier

Definition of node of Ranvier in English

Aperture in the myelin sheath, whose function is to increase the speed and efficiency of nerve impulse transmission.