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(V) Accidents

(V) Accidents
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verb have an accident

Translation: tener un accidente

Definition of have an accident in English

To experience an unfortunate event that occurs involuntarily.

Definition of have an accident in Spanish

Experimentar un suceso desafortunado que ocurre de manera involuntaria.

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verb graze

Translation: rozar

Definition of graze in English

To enter into light contact with a surface in passing.

Definition of graze in Spanish

Pasar ligeramente por una superficie durante un movimiento.

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verb bump

Translation: dar un besito

Definition of bump in English

To lightly tap the front part of an automobile against another or an obstacle.

Definition of bump in Spanish

Chocar levemente la parte frontal de un automóvil con otro o con un obstáculo.

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verb hit

Translation: chocar

Definition of hit in English

Of a body in motion, to violently encounter a fixed obstacle.

Definition of hit in Spanish

En relación con un cuerpo en movimiento: Encontrarse de forma violenta con un obstáculo fijo.

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verb collide

Translation: colisionar

Definition of collide in English

Of two or more vehicles, to violently encounter one another, causing varying levels of damage.

Definition of collide in Spanish

En relación con dos o más vehículos: Encontrarse de forma violenta y provocar daños de diversa gravedad.

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verb crash

Translation: estrellar

Definition of crash in English

Of a vehicle, to violently hit an obstacle, causing serious damage.

Definition of crash in Spanish

En relación con un vehículo: Chocar de forma violenta contra un obstáculo y ocasionar daños graves.

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verb smash

Translation: empotrar

Definition of smash in English

To drive a vehicle directly into an obstacle in such a way that it becomes embedded in it.

Definition of smash in Spanish

Conducir un vehículo directamente contra un obstáculo, de forma que queda incrustado en él.

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verb derail

Translation: descarrilar

Definition of derail in English

Of a vehicle, to leave the rails on which it circulates.

Definition of derail in Spanish

En relación con un vehículo: Salirse de los raíles por los que circula.

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verb sink

Translation: hundirse

Definition of sink in English

Of a vessel, to become submerged in water and rendered useless.

Definition of sink in Spanish

En relación con una embarcación: Sumergirse de forma que queda inutilizada.

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verb be shipwrecked

Translation: naufragar

Definition of be shipwrecked in English

Of a water vessel, to sink or become lost at sea.

Definition of be shipwrecked in Spanish

Hundirse o extraviarse una embarcación.