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(V) Actions Sci-Fi

(V) Actions Sci-Fi

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v. abduct

Definition of abduct in English

Of an extraterrestrial: to capture someone.

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v. freeze cryogenically

Definition of freeze cryogenically in English

To cool an organism at very low temperatures in order to keep it alive and reanimate it later.

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v. teleport

Definition of teleport in English

To transport instantaneously form one point to another without traversal of the intermediate space.

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v. time travel

Definition of time travel in English

To transport to a period or moment that is apart from the present.

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v. disintegrate

Definition of disintegrate in English

To divide a thing into its components or reduce it to nothing.

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v. mutate

Definition of mutate in English

To experience an alteration in the genetic code.

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v. shrink

Definition of shrink in English

To decrease in size.

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v. enlarge

Definition of enlarge in English

To increase in size.

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v. transform

Definition of transform in English

To change form.

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v. terraform

Definition of terraform in English

To convert a celestial body, especially a planet, into a place that is suitable for terrestrial life.