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(V) Actions of Excreting

(V) Actions of Excreting
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verb excrete

Translation: excretar

Definition of excrete in English

Of a living being, to expel waste substances from the body.

Definition of excrete in Spanish

En relación con un ser vivo: Expulsar sustancias de desecho derivadas de procesos orgánicos.

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verb urinate

Translation: orinar

Definition of urinate in English

To expel urine from the body.

Definition of urinate in Spanish

Expulsar la orina del cuerpo.

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verb poop

Translation: hacer caca

Definition of poop in English

To expel excrement from the body.

Definition of poop in Spanish

Expulsar los excrementos del cuerpo.

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verb have diarrhea

Translation: tener diarrea

Definition of have diarrhea in English

To suffer a disorder of the digestive system that produces liquid excrement.

Definition of have diarrhea in Spanish

Padecer una alteración del sistema digestivo que produce excremento líquido.

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verb fart

Translation: tirarse un pedo

Definition of fart in English

To expel gas through the anus.

Definition of fart in Spanish

Expulsar gas por el ano.

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verb vomit

Translation: vomitar

Definition of vomit in English

To expel the contents of the stomach through the mouth.

Definition of vomit in Spanish

Expulsar el contenido del estómago por la boca.

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verb sweat

Translation: sudar

Definition of sweat in English

To expel moisture through the pores.

Definition of sweat in Spanish

Expulsar sudor a través de los poros.

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verb suppurate

Translation: supurar

Definition of suppurate in English

To secrete pus.

Definition of suppurate in Spanish

Segregar pus.