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(V) Actions of Hobbies II

(V) Acciones de aficiones II

(V) Acciones de aficiones II
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v. cook

Translation: cocinar

Definition of cook in English

To prepare food using a source of heat.

Definition of cook in Spanish

Preparar alimentos utilizando una fuente de calor.

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v. watch

Translation: ver

Definition of watch in English

To actively observe and interpret visual stimuli.

Definition of watch in Spanish

Prestar atención a estímulos visuales e interpretarlos.

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v. read

Translation: leer

Definition of read in English

To perceive and comprehend written text by means of sight or touch.

Definition of read in Spanish

Percibir con la vista o el tacto un texto escrito y comprender su significado.

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v. sing

Translation: cantar

Definition of sing in English

To emit vocal sounds while modifying the voice to produce a melody, typically with lyrics.

Definition of sing in Spanish

Emitir sonidos modulando la voz para producir una melodía, generalmente con letra.

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v. play

Translation: tocar

Definition of play in English

To use an instrument to produce music.

Definition of play in Spanish

Utilizar un instrumento para producir música.

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v. paint

Translation: pintar

Definition of paint in English

To apply a pigmented liquid to a surface to create a work of art.

Definition of paint in Spanish

Aplicar un líquido pigmentado sobre una superficie para crear una obra de arte.

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v. draw

Translation: dibujar

Definition of draw in English

To depict an image with lines and strokes on a surface.

Definition of draw in Spanish

Representar una imagen con líneas y trazos sobre una superficie.

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v. write

Translation: escribir

Definition of write in English

To represent ideas through characters on a surface.

Definition of write in Spanish

Representar ideas mediante caracteres sobre una superficie.