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(V) Other Actions with Vehicles

(V) Other Actions with Vehicles
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verb derail

Translation: descarrilar

Definition of derail in English

Of a vehicle, to leave the rails on which it circulates.

Definition of derail in Spanish

En relación con un vehículo: Salirse de los raíles por los que circula.

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verb tow

Translation: remolcar

Definition of tow in English

Of a vehicle, to drag another.

Definition of tow in Spanish

En relación con un vehículo: Arrastrar a otro.

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verb slide

Translation: deslizar

Definition of slide in English

To move along a surface with little friction, typically with the aid of a lubricating element.

Definition of slide in Spanish

Mover algo suavemente sobre una superficie sin que pierda el contacto con ella.

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verb crash

Translation: estrellar

Definition of crash in English

Of a vehicle, to violently hit an obstacle, causing serious damage.

Definition of crash in Spanish

En relación con un vehículo: Chocar de forma violenta contra un obstáculo y ocasionar daños graves.

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verb have an accident

Translation: tener un accidente

Definition of have an accident in English

To experience an unfortunate event that occurs involuntarily.

Definition of have an accident in Spanish

Experimentar un suceso desafortunado que ocurre de manera involuntaria.

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verb harvest

Translation: cosechar

Definition of harvest in English

To collect mature crops, either manually or with a specialised vehicle.

Definition of harvest in Spanish

Recolectar, de forma manual o con un vehículo diseñado para ello, los cultivos que han alcanzado su madurez.

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verb plow

Translation: arar

Definition of plow in English

To create furrows in the soil with a plough or a specialised machine to prepre it for the sowing or planting of crops.

Definition of plow in Spanish

Abrir surcos en la tierra con un arado o un vehículo diseñado para ello, con el objetivo de sembrar o plantar un cultivo.

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verb ram-raid

Translation: alunizar

Definition of ram-raid in English

To crash a vehicle into a shop window with the intent to commit a robbery.

Definition of ram-raid in Spanish

Estrellar un vehículo contra el escaparate de una tienda con el objetivo de irrumpir en ella para cometer un robo.