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(V) Symptoms II

(V) Symptoms II

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v. cough

Definition of cough in English

To reflexively and abruptly expel air from the lungs through the mouth in order to clear the respiratory tract.

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v. sneeze

Definition of sneeze in English

To suddenly and reflexively expel air from the lungs through the nose and mouth, typically due to the presence of irritants in the nasal mucosa.

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v. itch

Definition of itch in English

To produce bothersome tingling that incites the need to scratch.

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v. sting

Definition of sting in English

To produce a sensation of burning, especially said of an abrasive agent.

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v. limp

Definition of limp in English

To walk irregularly due to an impairment of one of the lower extremities.

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v. get inflamed

Definition of get inflamed in English

Of a body part, to become swollen, red, hot and painful.

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v. reduce inflammation

Definition of reduce inflammation in English

To lessen the swelling, redness, heat and pain in a part of the body.