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-AR Verbs II

-AR Verbs II
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verb talk

Translation: hablar

Definition of talk in English

To use the voice in order to emit words or phrases.

Definition of talk in Spanish

Usar la voz para enunciar palabras o frases.

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verb speak

Translation: hablar

Definition of speak in English

To be able to communicate in a specific language.

Definition of speak in Spanish

Ser capaz de comunicarse en un idioma determinado.

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verb teach

Translation: enseñar

Definition of teach in English

To provide knowledge to someone with the objective that it be retained and can be called upon.

Definition of teach in Spanish

Proporcionar conocimientos a alguien con el objetivo de que los conserve y pueda recurrir a ellos.

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verb listen

Translation: escuchar

Definition of listen in English

To pay attention to and interpret acoustic stimuli.

Definition of listen in Spanish

Prestar atención a estímulos acústicos e interpretarlos.

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verb look

Translation: mirar

Definition of look in English

To direct one's sight in order to bring certain visual stimuli within one's visual range.

Definition of look in Spanish

Dirigir la vista en una dirección para abarcar con el campo visual determinados estímulos visuales.

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verb buy

Translation: comprar

Definition of buy in English

To obtain goods or services in exchange for money.

Definition of buy in Spanish

Obtener bienes o servicios a cambio de dinero.

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verb need

Translation: necesitar

Definition of need in English

Of an entity, to hold something to be compulsory or essential.

Definition of need in Spanish

En relación con una entidad: Considerar obligatorio o imprescindible disponer de algo.

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verb take

Translation: tomar

Definition of take in English

To use a hand or other prehensile element to pick up and maintain something.

Definition of take in Spanish

Utilizar una mano u otro elemento prensil para sujetar algo.

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verb have

Translation: tomar

Definition of have in English

To take in food or drink.

Definition of have in Spanish

Ingerir comida o bebida.

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verb love

Translation: amar

Definition of love in English

To have very strong feelings of affection or attachment towards a person.

Definition of love in Spanish

Tener sentimientos muy fuertes de cariño o afecto hacia algo o alguien.

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verb hate

Translation: odiar

Definition of hate in English

To feel the most intense dislike or aversion for someone or something.

Definition of hate in Spanish

Sentir desagrado o aversión en su grado más intenso hacia algo o alguien.