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-IR Verbs

-IR Verbs
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verb open

Translation: abrir

Definition of open in English

To uncover the area of passage between an exterior space and an interior.

Definition of open in Spanish

Destapar la zona de paso de un espacio exterior a otro interior.

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verb receive

Translation: recibir

Definition of receive in English

To take what is delivered or given.

Definition of receive in Spanish

Tomar lo que llega a uno.

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verb go up

Translation: subir

Definition of go up in English

To move to a higher altitude.

Definition of go up in Spanish

Desplazarse hacia una altura superior.

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verb decide

Translation: decidir

Definition of decide in English

To establish a firm will to perform a concrete action.

Definition of decide in Spanish

Establecer la voluntad firme de realizar una conducta concreta.

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verb live

Translation: vivir

Definition of live in English

To inhabit a certain place.

Definition of live in Spanish

Habitar un lugar determinado.

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verb write

Translation: escribir

Definition of write in English

To represent ideas through characters on a surface.

Definition of write in Spanish

Representar ideas mediante caracteres sobre una superficie.

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verb break

Translation: partir

Definition of break in English

To partition a solid body with a certain degree of roughness and force.

Definition of break in Spanish

Separar partes de un cuerpo sólido con cierto grado de brusquedad y fuerza.

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verb share

Translation: compartir

Definition of share in English

To separate something into parts in order to give one to each element in a group.

Definition of share in Spanish

Separar algo en partes para dar una a cada elemento de un grupo.