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Accesories I

Complementos I

Complementos I
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n. hat

Translation: sombrero

Definition of hat in English

Head garment consisting of a crown that covers the head and a brim.

Definition of hat in Spanish

Prenda para la cabeza con una copa que la cubre y un ala alrededor.

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n. knit cap

Translation: gorro

Definition of knit cap in English

Warm head garment, typically rounded and made of wool.

Definition of knit cap in Spanish

Prenda de abrigo para la cabeza, generalmente redondeada y de lana.

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n. cap

Translation: gorra

Definition of cap in English

Head garment that is made of fabric and has a semirigid visor.

Definition of cap in Spanish

Prenda para la cabeza, fabricada con tela, provista de una visera semirrígida.

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n. glasses

Translation: gafas

Definition of glasses in English

Optical device consisting of two lenses mounted in a frame that typically rests on the nose and ears, used to correct vision defects.

Definition of glasses in Spanish

Instrumento óptico formado por dos lentes acopladas a una montura, que se apoya sobre la nariz y generalmente sobre las orejas, y se utiliza para corregir defectos de visión.

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n. sunglasses

Translation: gafas de sol

Definition of sunglasses in English

Glasses with darkened lenses that protect the eyes from bright light and ultraviolet radiation.

Definition of sunglasses in Spanish

Gafas provistas de lentes oscurecidas que protegen los ojos de la luz brillante y la radiación ultravioleta.

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n. tie

Translation: corbata

Definition of tie in English

Long and narrow garment that is worn around the neck, under the collar of the shirt.

Definition of tie in Spanish

Prenda larga y estrecha que se lleva como adorno alrededor del cuello, debajo del cuello de la camisa.

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n. glove

Translation: guante

Definition of glove in English

Garment that covers the hand to protect it or improve grip.

Definition of glove in Spanish

Prenda que cubre la mano para protegerla o para mejorar el agarre.