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Adjectives Relating to Time

Adjectives Relating to Time

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adj. temporal

Definition of temporal in English

Of or pertaining to time, or lasting a limited amount of time.

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adj. momentary

Definition of momentary in English

Lasting for just a moment.

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adj. periodic

Definition of periodic in English

Happening at regular intervals.

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adj. daily

Definition of daily in English

Occurring every day.

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adj. weekly

Definition of weekly in English

Occurring every week or lasting a week.

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adj. weekday

Definition of weekday in English

Pertaining to any day of the week that is not Saturday or Sunday.

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adj. weekend

Definition of weekend in English

Pertaining to the part of the week between Friday evening and Monday morning.

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adj. monthly

Definition of monthly in English

Occurring every month or lasting a month.

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adj. yearly

Definition of yearly in English

Occurring every year or lasting a year.