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Baked Goods and Pastries II

Bollería y pastelería II

Bollería y pastelería II
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n. chocolate

Translation: chocolate

Definition of chocolate in English

Sweet made from cocoa powder and sugar to which other ingredients, such as milk or vanilla, can be added.

Definition of chocolate in Spanish

Dulce hecho a base de polvo de cacao y azúcar, al que se pueden añadir otros ingredientes como leche o vainilla.

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n. bonbon

Translation: bombón

Definition of bonbon in English

Small sweet made from chocolate that is often filled with cream, nuts or liqueur.

Definition of bonbon in Spanish

Dulce pequeño de chocolate que a menudo está relleno de crema, frutos secos o licor.

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n. truffle

Translation: trufa

Definition of truffle in English

Sweet small that is made of melted black chocolate, butter, icing sugar, egg yolk, and liquid cream.

Definition of truffle in Spanish

Dulce pequeño elaborado con chocolate negro fundido, mantequilla, azúcar glas, yema de huevo y nata líquida.

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n. waffle

Translation: gofre

Definition of waffle in English

Crispy batter cake cooked in a gridded mould, typically covered in sweet ingredients, such as syrup, chocolate, or cream.

Definition of waffle in Spanish

Pasta crujiente cocinada en un molde con forma de rejilla, que generalmente se cubre con ingredientes dulces como sirope, chocolate o nata.

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n. cake

Translation: tarta

Definition of cake in English

Sweet baked good, typically round, that is often decorated or iced.

Definition of cake in Spanish

Bizcocho, generalmente redondeado, que suele estar relleno y cubierto de ingredientes dulces.

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n. pie

Translation: pastel

Definition of pie in English

Baked dish, typically round, that consists of a pastry dough casing and a filling.

Definition of pie in Spanish

Plato horneado, generalmente redondeado, consistente en una masa que contiene un relleno.

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n. ensaïmada

Translation: ensaimada

Definition of ensaïmada in English

Baked good, originating in Mallorca, that has a flattened, spiral shape, and is often filled with different ingredients, such as pumpkin preserve, and dusted with icing sugar.

Definition of ensaïmada in Spanish

Bollo originario de Mallorca, aplanado y con forma de espiral, que puede ir relleno de diferentes ingredientes, como cabello de ángel, y suele tener azúcar glas espolvoreada por encima.