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Basic Botany Concepts I

Basic Botany Concepts I

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n. grass

Definition of grass in English

Plant with soft, green stems that perish after seeding.

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n. lawn

Definition of lawn in English

Area of short, fine-leaved, compact grass that forms a dense covering on the ground.

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n. plant

Definition of plant in English

Living organism that carries out photosynthesis and typically has a stem, roots, and leaves, or similar structures.

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n. shrub

Definition of shrub in English

Plant that has woody and branched stems, which is shorter than most trees.

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n. hedge

Definition of hedge in English

Series of ornamental shrubs or trees that is arranged and trimmed for decorative purposes or to create a barrier.

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n. scrub

Definition of scrub in English

Tangled set of low shrubs.

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n. tree

Definition of tree in English

Plant that has a wooden trunk and branches.

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n. leaf

Definition of leaf in English

Plant organ that is typically flat and grows from a stem or petiole, which performs photosynthesis and transpiration.

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n. flower

Definition of flower in English

Reproductive structure of certain plants, which produces seeds and is comprised of petals, sepals, stamens and carpels.

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n. inflorescence

Definition of inflorescence in English

Group of flowers that grow around a shared stem.