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Basic Nature Concepts II

Basic Nature Concepts II
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noun land

Translation: tierra

Definition of land in English

Superficial part of the Earth's crust that is not covered in water.

Definition of land in Spanish

Parte superficial de la corteza terrestre que no está cubierta de agua.

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noun sky

Translation: cielo

Definition of sky in English

Upper part of the Earth's atmosphere where clouds and visible celestial bodies can be seen.

Definition of sky in Spanish

Parte superior de la atmósfera terrestre donde se perciben las nubes y los astros visibles.

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noun night sky

Translation: firmamento

Definition of night sky in English

Nocturnal celestial dome where the group of celestial bodies observed from the Earth appear to be located.

Definition of night sky in Spanish

Bóveda celeste nocturna en la que aparentemente se sitúa el conjunto de astros observado desde la Tierra.

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noun horizon

Translation: horizonte

Definition of horizon in English

Line where the sky seems to meet the land and is perceptible when looking into the distance.

Definition of horizon in Spanish

Línea en la que el cielo parece confluir con la tierra, perceptible al dirigir la vista a la lejanía.

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noun surface

Translation: superficie

Definition of surface in English

External part of something that distinguishes it from that which surrounds it.

Definition of surface in Spanish

Parte externa de algo que lo distingue de lo que lo rodea.

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noun bottom

Translation: fondo

Definition of bottom in English

Lowest part of a depression in the Earth's surface.

Definition of bottom in Spanish

Parte más baja de una depresión del terreno.

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noun landscape

Translation: paisaje

Definition of landscape in English

Extension of land, especially a natural one considered for its aesthetic value.

Definition of landscape in Spanish

Extensión de terreno, especialmente la natural considerada en función de su valor estético.

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noun views

Translation: vistas

Definition of views in English

Scenery that can be observed from a certain place.

Definition of views in Spanish

Paisaje que puede observarse desde un punto.

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noun countryside

Translation: campo

Definition of countryside in English

Tract of land outside the boundaries of a town.

Definition of countryside in Spanish

Extensión de terreno fuera de los límites de una población.