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Basic Places

Basic Places
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noun place

Translation: lugar

Definition of place in English

Portion of space that is delimited by specific characteristics.

Definition of place in Spanish

Porción de espacio acotada por unas características determinadas.

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noun area

Translation: zona

Definition of area in English

Portion of space.

Definition of area in Spanish

Porción de espacio.

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noun country

Translation: país

Definition of country in English

Delimited territory that is recognized as a sovereign unit and has its own governing bodies.

Definition of country in Spanish

Territorio delimitado y reconocido como unidad soberana, que cuenta con órganos de gobierno propios.

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noun city

Translation: ciudad

Definition of city in English

Large urban settlement that has streets and buildings, designed to accomodate a dense population.

Definition of city in Spanish

Conjunto de calles y edificios diseñado para albergar a un gran número de personas.

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noun town

Translation: pueblo

Definition of town in English

Urban settlement that is smaller than a city.

Definition of town in Spanish

Población urbana de pequeño tamaño.

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noun village

Translation: pueblo

Definition of village in English

Rural settlement of small size, larger than a hamlet.

Definition of village in Spanish

Asentamiento rural de pequeño tamaño, mayor que una aldea.

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noun neighborhood

Translation: barrio

Definition of neighborhood in English

Each of the sections into which a population or district is divided.

Definition of neighborhood in Spanish

Cada una de las partes en las que se divide una población o un distrito.

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noun street

Translation: calle

Definition of street in English

Road in a city or town that has adjacent footpaths and buildings and interesects with other roads.

Definition of street in Spanish

Camino pavimentado de una ciudad o pueblo, con aceras y edificios a cada lado, que conecta con otras vías.

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noun mountain

Translation: montaña

Definition of mountain in English

Natural elevation of the terrain, of steep relief and great height, created by the collision of tectonic plates or volcanic activity.

Definition of mountain in Spanish

Elevación natural del terreno, de relieve escarpado y gran altura, creada por la colisión de placas tectónicas o por actividad volcánica.

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noun beach

Translation: playa

Definition of beach in English

Sandy or stony area that extends along a shore.

Definition of beach in Spanish

Planicie arenosa o pedregosa que se extiende a lo largo de una orilla.

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noun river

Translation: río

Definition of river in English

Course of freshwater that flows into another watercourse, lake or sea.

Definition of river in Spanish

Curso de agua dulce que fluye hasta desembocar en otro, en un lago o en el mar.