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Boot Verbs

Boot Verbs
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verb sleep

Translation: dormir

Definition of sleep in English

To be in a natural state of rest in which consciousness and voluntary movements are inhibited.

Definition of sleep in Spanish

Encontrarse en un estado natural de descanso en el que la consciencia y los movimientos voluntarios se encuentran inhibidos.

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verb dream

Translation: soñar

Definition of dream in English

To experience a series of sensations, thoughts or emotions while asleep.

Definition of dream in Spanish

Experimentar una serie de sensaciones, pensamientos o emociones mientras se duerme.

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verb think

Translation: pensar

Definition of think in English

To mentally analyse ideas, knowledge or memories.

Definition of think in Spanish

Analizar mentalmente ideas, conocimientos o recuerdos.

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verb understand

Translation: entender

Definition of understand in English

To know the meaning.

Definition of understand in Spanish

Conocer el significado.

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verb order

Translation: pedir

Definition of order in English

To request the delivery of a good in a commercial context.

Definition of order in Spanish

Solicitar que se entregue un bien en un contexto comercial.

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verb fly

Translation: volar

Definition of fly in English

To travel through the air.

Definition of fly in Spanish

Desplazarse por el aire.

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verb close

Translation: cerrar

Definition of close in English

To cover the area of passage between an outer space and an interior.

Definition of close in Spanish

Tapar la zona de paso de un espacio exterior a otro interior.

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verb serve

Translation: servir

Definition of serve in English

To deliver to clients what they need or have ordered.

Definition of serve in Spanish

Entregar a los clientes lo que necesitan o han pedido.

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verb repeat

Translation: repetir

Definition of repeat in English

To carry out a previously conducted action.

Definition of repeat in Spanish

Llevar a cabo una acción previamente realizada.

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verb come back

Translation: volver

Definition of come back in English

To move to the location of origin.

Definition of come back in Spanish

Desplazarse al punto de partida.

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verb can

Translation: poder

Definition of can in English

To have the capacity to do something.

Definition of can in Spanish

Tener la capacidad de hacer algo.

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verb play

Translation: jugar

Definition of play in English

To participate in a recreational activity.

Definition of play in Spanish

Participar en una actividad recreativa.