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noun store

Translation: tienda

Definition of store in English

Retail establishment in which merchandise is bought and sold.

Definition of store in Spanish

Establecimiento donde se compran y venden artículos al por menor.

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noun drugstore

Translation: farmacia

Definition of drugstore in English

Establishment in which medication, medical products, and some cosmetics are sold.

Definition of drugstore in Spanish

Establecimiento en el que se venden medicamentos, productos médicos y algunos cosméticos.

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noun café

Translation: cafetería

Definition of café in English

Establishment that primarily serves coffee and tea, as well as pastries and snacks.

Definition of café in Spanish

Establecimiento hostelero en el que se sirven cafés y tés, así como productos de bollería y pastelería.

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noun restaurant

Translation: restaurante

Definition of restaurant in English

Establishment in which food and drinks are served.

Definition of restaurant in Spanish

Establecimiento hostelero en el que se sirven comidas y bebidas.

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noun bar

Translation: bar

Definition of bar in English

Establishment where drinks and, in some cases, food are sold.

Definition of bar in Spanish

Establecimiento en el que se sirve bebida y en algunos casos comida.

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noun terrace

Translation: terraza

Definition of terrace in English

Outdoor seating area in some bars and restaurants, featuring tables and chairs.

Definition of terrace in Spanish

Espacio exterior de algunos bares y restaurantes equipado con mesas y sillas.

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noun market

Translation: mercado

Definition of market in English

Place featuring independent stalls where products are bought and sold, typically fresh food.

Definition of market in Spanish

Lugar compuesto por puestos independientes donde se compran y venden productos, normalmente alimentos frescos.

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noun supermarket

Translation: supermercado

Definition of supermarket in English

Large establishment in which food and household goods are sold.

Definition of supermarket in Spanish

Establecimiento de gran tamaño donde se venden alimentos y bienes de consumo doméstico.

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noun mall

Translation: centro comercial

Definition of mall in English

Complex with various shops, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities, such as cinemas and arcades.

Definition of mall in Spanish

Complejo que alberga tiendas, restaurantes y otras instalaciones de ocio, como cines o salones recreativos.