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Capital Cities of The Americas IV

Capital Cities of The Americas IV
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noun Brasília

Translation: Brasilia

Definition of Brasília in English

Capital of Brazil.

Definition of Brasília in Spanish

Capital de Brasil.

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noun Paramaribo

Translation: Paramaribo

Definition of Paramaribo in English

Capital of Suriname.

Definition of Paramaribo in Spanish

Capital de Surinam.

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noun Georgetown

Translation: Georgetown

Definition of Georgetown in English

Capital of Guyana.

Definition of Georgetown in Spanish

Capital de Guyana.

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noun Caracas

Translation: Caracas

Definition of Caracas in English

Capital of Venezuela.

Definition of Caracas in Spanish

Capital de Venezuela.

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noun Bogotá

Translation: Bogotá

Definition of Bogotá in English

Capital of Colombia.

Definition of Bogotá in Spanish

Capital de Colombia.

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noun Quito

Translation: Quito

Definition of Quito in English

Capital of Ecuador.

Definition of Quito in Spanish

Capital de Ecuador.

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noun Lima

Translation: Lima

Definition of Lima in English

Capital of Peru.

Definition of Lima in Spanish

Capital de Perú.

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noun La Paz

Translation: La Paz

Definition of La Paz in English

Administrative capital of Bolivia.

Definition of La Paz in Spanish

Capital administrativa de Bolivia.

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noun Sucre

Translation: Sucre

Definition of Sucre in English

Constitutional capital of Bolivia.

Definition of Sucre in Spanish

Capital constitucional de Bolivia.

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noun Asunción

Translation: Asunción

Definition of Asunción in English

Capital of Paraguay.

Definition of Asunción in Spanish

Capital de Paraguay.

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noun Montevideo

Translation: Montevideo

Definition of Montevideo in English

Capital of Uruguay.

Definition of Montevideo in Spanish

Capital de Uruguay.

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noun Santiago de Chile

Translation: Santiago de Chile

Definition of Santiago de Chile in English

Capital of Chile.

Definition of Santiago de Chile in Spanish

Capital de Chile.

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noun Buenos Aires

Translation: Buenos Aires

Definition of Buenos Aires in English

Capital of Argentina.

Definition of Buenos Aires in Spanish

Capital de Argentina.