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Cosmos Elements I

Cosmos Elements I

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n. space

Definition of space in English

Area of the universe outside the atmospheres of other celestial bodies.

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n. solar system

Definition of solar system in English

Gravitational system consisting of a star and all the celestial bodies that orbit around it, and the proper name of the system to which the Earth belongs.

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n. star

Definition of star in English

Shiny, spherical, celestial body made up of plasma.

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n. sun

Definition of sun in English

Star located in the centre of a planetary system, and the proper name for the one which the Earth orbits.

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n. Earth

Definition of Earth in English

Third planet in the solar system in order from the Sun that has its own natural satellite and is the only planet known to harbour life.

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n. moon

Definition of moon in English

Natural satellite of a planet and the proper name of the only one the Earth has.

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n. shooting star

Definition of shooting star in English

Luminous phenomenon produced when a meteoroid enters the Earth's atmosphere, sometimes leaving a streak of light as it passes.