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Criminals III

Criminals III
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noun hooligan

Translation: ultra

Definition of hooligan in English

Person who aggresively backs a sports team, usually provoking violence, damaging property and generally causing riots at matches.

Definition of hooligan in Spanish

Persona que apoya con violencia y extremismo a un equipo, a menudo causando disturbios o provocando daños materiales en las competiciones en que este participa.

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noun thug

Translation: matón

Definition of thug in English

Person who is brutish or intimidating and often uses violence to commit crimes.

Definition of thug in Spanish

Persona bruta o intimidante que suele emplear la violencia para cometer delitos.

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noun gang

Translation: pandilla

Definition of gang in English

Group of criminals who organise and carry out crimes that often involve violence.

Definition of gang in Spanish

Grupo de delincuentes que organizan y cometen delitos, normalmente empleando la violencia.

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noun gangster

Translation: pandillero

Definition of gangster in English

Person who commits crimes as part of a gang.

Definition of gangster in Spanish

Persona que comete crímenes como miembro de una pandilla.

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noun mafia

Translation: mafia

Definition of mafia in English

Hierarchical criminal organisation originally from Sicily that controls illicit economic sectors such as drug trafficking, often resorting to violence, bribery and extortion.

Definition of mafia in Spanish

Organización criminal de estructura jerárquica originaria de Sicilia que controla sectores económicos ilegales, como el del tráfico de drogas, recurriendo a la violencia, el soborno y la extorsión.

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noun mafioso

Translation: mafioso

Definition of mafioso in English

Person who commits crimes and participates in illegal activity as part of a mafia or who is related to it in any way.

Definition of mafioso in Spanish

Persona que comete crímenes y participa en actividades ilegales como miembro de una mafia, o que está relacionado con ella de alguna manera.

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noun capo

Translation: capo

Definition of capo in English

Person who is in charge of one of the families which, in coordination with others, make up an organised crime syndicate, particularly within the Italian-American Mafia.

Definition of capo in Spanish

Persona que dirige una de las familias que, en coordinación con otras, constituyen una organización mafiosa, en particular si esta es italoamericana.