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Daily Objects

Daily Objects

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n. book

Definition of book in English

Bound publicationthat is printed or handwritten and has more than 48 pages.

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n. newspaper

Definition of newspaper in English

Publication that is issued periodically, typically daily or weekly, containing news, articles and advertisements.

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n. magazine

Definition of magazine in English

Weekly or monthly, thematic publication that includes images, advertisements, and articles.

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n. gift

Definition of gift in English

Something given freely, typically to celebrate an occasion or as a courtesy.

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n. package

Definition of package in English

Object or a group of objects that are wrapped up, usually to be moved to a different location.

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n. fast food

Definition of fast food in English

Food that is typically high-calorie, mass-produced, and prepared for immediate consumption, often in specialty restaurants.

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n. toy

Definition of toy in English

Object designed to be handled by children for their amusement and learning.

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n. door

Definition of door in English

Structure that opens or closes to regulate access to a space.

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n. tree

Definition of tree in English

Plant that has a wooden trunk and branches.