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n. milk

Definition of milk in English

Whitish liquid that is produced by female mammals to feed their young.

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n. cheese

Definition of cheese in English

Dairy product that is prepared through a process of curdling, draining, pressing and curing milk.

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n. butter

Definition of butter in English

Yellowish, fatty food with a soft texture that is made by churning cream, typically used in cooking and baking or on bread.

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n. yogurt

Definition of yogurt in English

Dairy product that is prepared through a fermentation process which involves the controlled addition of certain bacteria.

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n. cream

Definition of cream in English

Thick, fatty part of milk, which is yellowish-white in color.

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n. custard

Definition of custard in English

Sweet that is made with milk, egg yolk and sugar, typically used as a compliment to other confectionery products.

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n. ice cream

Definition of ice cream in English

Sweet that is made by freezing a mixture of milk, sugar, and other ingredients for flavouring.