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Decorative Elements II

Decorative Elements II

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n. ornament

Definition of ornament in English

Object that is used to decorate.

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n. figurine

Definition of figurine in English

Small sculpture that is used to decorate a space.

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n. mat

Definition of mat in English

Piece of material that is used to protect or decorate a surface.

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n. vase

Definition of vase in English

Vessel that is used to decorate a space.

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n. flower vase

Definition of flower vase in English

Container that is designed to hold flowers, used for decorative purposes.

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n. ashtray

Definition of ashtray in English

Receptacle that is designed to hold ash and other waste produced while smoking.

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n. centerpiece

Definition of centerpiece in English

Ornament that is designed to be placed in the middle of a table.

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n. candelabra

Definition of candelabra in English

Utensil that consists of an elongated support with several arms and securing mechanisms, which is used to secure multiple candles.

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n. candle

Definition of candle in English

Solid piece of wax or other slow burning material with a central wick that is ignited, which is used to provide light.