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Desserts I

Desserts I

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n. cake

Definition of cake in English

Sweet baked good, typically round, that is often decorated or iced.

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n. pie

Definition of pie in English

Baked dish, typically round, that consists of a pastry dough casing and a filling.

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n. tiramisu

Definition of tiramisu in English

Cold sweet comprised of layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and covered in a cream of egg, sugar and mascarpone, topped with cocoa powder.

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n. brownie

Definition of brownie in English

Unleavened sponge cake, typical of American cuisine, made with chocolate and nuts, and usually served with cream or ice cream.

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n. profiterole

Definition of profiterole in English

Small pastry, rounded and open, that is typically filled with cream and topped with melted chocolate.

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n. crepe

Definition of crepe in English

Very thin pancake that is made by frying a mixture of flour, milk and eggs, filled with sweet or savoury ingredients and served rolled or folded in four.

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n. meringued milk

Definition of meringued milk in English

Dessert made of milk, sugar, lemon, and cinnamon.