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Eastern Weapons

Eastern Weapons

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n. sai

Definition of sai in English

Stab weapon of Asian origin that is equipped with a long, blunt blade, either a pointed or blunt tip, a hilt and two long, pronged side guards.

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n. bo staff

Definition of bo staff in English

Blunt or projectile weapon consisting of a long, generally wooden stick, which is used in some martial arts disciplines.

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n. nunchuk

Definition of nunchuk in English

Blunt weapon consisting of two short sticks attached on one end by a chain, originally from Japan and used in martial arts.

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n. shuriken

Definition of shuriken in English

Japanese projectile weapon, typically associated with ninjas, that is usually star-shaped with sharpened points and edges.

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n. kunai

Definition of kunai in English

Japanese weapon, typically associated with ninjas, consisting of a triangular blade attached to a ringed handle, which is also used as an agricultural tool.

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n. katana

Definition of katana in English

Sabre used by ancient Japanese samurai.

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n. naginata

Definition of naginata in English

Pole weapon equipped with a curved, single-edged blade on the end, used by the samurai of Ancient Japan.

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n. smoke bomb

Definition of smoke bomb in English

Explosive device that generates a large amount of smoke, used to reduce visibility.