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Entertainment Facilities

Entertainment Facilities

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n. movie theater

Definition of movie theater in English

Establishment in which films are projected for an audience.

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n. theater

Definition of theater in English

Establishment in which threatrical works are presented to an audience.

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n. mall

Definition of mall in English

Complex with various shops, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities, such as cinemas and arcades.

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n. restaurant

Definition of restaurant in English

Establishment in which food and drinks are served.

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n. stadium

Definition of stadium in English

Large venue with a field surrounded by tiered seats, designed for sporting or musical events.

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n. park

Definition of park in English

Outdoor public space that has gardens, trees, and recreational areas.

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n. amusement park

Definition of amusement park in English

Large park that features recreational facilities and attractions, such as roller coasters.

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n. zoo

Definition of zoo in English

Enclosure designed for the exhibition and breeding of different animal species in captivity.