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Environmental Disasters

Environmental Disasters

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n. acid rain

Definition of acid rain in English

Rainfall that has been polluted by toxic agents produced by fossil fuel emissions.

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n. radiation

Definition of radiation in English

Propagation of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles.

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n. global warming

Definition of global warming in English

Rise in the overall temperature of the Earth's atmosphere that is generally attributed to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the air and the concentration of other pollutant gases, namely the greenhouse effect.

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n. desertification

Definition of desertification in English

Degradation of fertile soil, generally caused by overexploitation, deforestation or prolonged drought.

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n. contamination

Definition of contamination in English

Introduction into an environment of toxic agents that have harmful effects on both the living beings inhabiting it and the natural surroundings.

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n. pollution

Definition of pollution in English

Presence in the air of a high concentration of substances that are products of either organic or industrial processes and have harmful effects on an environment and the living beings inhabiting it.

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n. greenhouse effect

Definition of greenhouse effect in English

Build-up of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere resulting from a high concentration of pollutant gases in the air, such as carbon dioxide, that trap the Sun’s radiation and cause an increase in temperature.

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n. climate change

Definition of climate change in English

Alteration in global weather patterns as a result of increased carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere, which is attributed to man’s influence and phenomena such as the greenhouse effect or global warming.

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n. discharge

Definition of discharge in English

Contaminated residues from industrial processes that are spilled into a body of water or a plot of land.

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n. deforestation

Definition of deforestation in English

Act or effect of eliminating the plants that populate a forest.