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European Capital Cities Demonyms III

European Capital Cities Demonyms III

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n. Londoner

Definition of Londoner in English

Person from London, capital of England and the United Kingdom.

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n. Cardiffian

Definition of Cardiffian in English

Person from Cardiff, capital of Wales.

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n. Edinburger

Definition of Edinburger in English

Person from Edinburgh, capital of Scotland.

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n. Belfastite

Definition of Belfastite in English

Person from Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland.

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n. Dubliner

Definition of Dubliner in English

Person from Dublin, capital of Ireland.

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n. person from Douglas

Definition of person from Douglas in English

Person from Douglas, capital of the Isle of Man.

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n. person from Reykjavik

Definition of person from Reykjavik in English

Person from Reykjavik, capital of Iceland.