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Fiction and Fantasy Creatures II

Fiction and Fantasy Creatures II
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noun Frankenstein's monster

Translation: monstruo de Frankenstein

Definition of Frankenstein's monster in English

Humanoid creature consisting of various cadaver parts joined together to form a sapient being, devised by novelist Mary Shelley.

Definition of Frankenstein's monster in Spanish

Criatura humanoide hecha de trozos de cadáveres unidos para formar un ser pensante, ideada por la novelista Mary Sehelley.

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noun spirit

Translation: espíritu

Definition of spirit in English

Soul of a deceased person that is believed to inhabit the world of the living.

Definition of spirit in Spanish

Alma de una persona fallecida, que vaga por el mundo de los vivos.

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noun ghost

Translation: fantasma

Definition of ghost in English

Spirit capable of materialising.

Definition of ghost in Spanish

Espíritu capaz de materializarse.

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noun undead

Translation: muerto viviente

Definition of undead in English

Corpse that acquires the ability to perform certain actions by supernatural means.

Definition of undead in Spanish

Cadáver que adquiere la capacidad de realizar ciertas acciones por medios sobrenaturales.

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noun mummy

Translation: momia

Definition of mummy in English

Undead corpse wrapped in bandages, inspired by the ancient Egyptian funerary practice.

Definition of mummy in Spanish

Muerto viviente conservado en vendas de lino, cuyo mito se basa en una práctica funeraria del Antiguo Egipto.

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noun zombie

Translation: zombi

Definition of zombie in English

Undead corpse that feeds on human flesh.

Definition of zombie in Spanish

Muerto viviente que se alimenta de carne humana.

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noun skeleton

Translation: esqueleto

Definition of skeleton in English

Living dead that retains only the bone structure.

Definition of skeleton in Spanish

Muerto viviente que solo conserva la estructura ósea.

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noun vampire

Translation: vampiro

Definition of vampire in English

Undead, nocturnal being that feeds on human blood, which has large fangs and supernatural powers.

Definition of vampire in Spanish

Muerto viviente nocturno que se alimenta de sangre humana, posee largos colmillos y poderes sobrenaturales.

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noun werewolf

Translation: hombre lobo

Definition of werewolf in English

Humanoid creature that is capable of shapeshifting into a wolf either completely or partially.

Definition of werewolf in Spanish

Criatura humanoide capaz de transformarse en lobo total o parcialmente.

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noun golem

Translation: gólem

Definition of golem in English

Magically animated, anthropomorphic mass of inanimate matter, of early Jewish legend.

Definition of golem in Spanish

Criatura antropomorfa construida con materia inerte y animada mediante la magia, originaria de una antigua leyenda judía.

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noun elemental

Translation: elemental

Definition of elemental in English

Creature, generally humanoid, that inhabits, protects and personifies one of the four natural elements.

Definition of elemental in Spanish

Criatura, generalmente humanoide, que habita, protege y personifica uno de los cuatro elementos de la naturaleza.