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Flower Parts I

Flower Parts I

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n. flower

Definition of flower in English

Reproductive structure of certain plants, which produces seeds and is comprised of petals, sepals, stamens and carpels.

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n. bud

Definition of bud in English

Oval-shaped, embryonic shoot of certain plants, which matures into a flower.

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n. petal

Definition of petal in English

Leaf-like structure of a flower that is of variable color and shape according to the plant species, which, in certain flowers, produces aromatic compounds.

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n. corolla

Definition of corolla in English

Set of petals that is located above the calyx of a flower.

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n. sepal

Definition of sepal in English

Leaf-like structure that is located below the petals of a flower.

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n. calyx

Definition of calyx in English

Set of sepals located below the corolla that forms the protective, outer layer of the bud and, when in bloom, the supportive, outermost layer of the flower.

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n. tepal

Definition of tepal in English

Petal-like structure of certain flowers that is composed of undifferentiated petals and sepals.

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n. perigonium

Definition of perigonium in English

Set of petals, sepals or tepals that protect the sexual organs of a flower.

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n. stem

Definition of stem in English

Cylindrical plant organ that supports other plant structures, such as leaves and flowers.