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Flowers V

Flowers V
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noun cardoon

Translation: cardo

Definition of cardoon in English

Round inflorescence with a central disk of purple, tubular florets that is surrounded by a set of spiny, leaf like structures.

Definition of cardoon in Spanish

Inflorescencia cuyo centro presenta flores generalmente moradas de corola tubular, rodeadas de estructuras protectoras semejantes a hojas puntiagudas.

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noun petunia

Translation: petunia

Definition of petunia in English

Horn-shaped flower that has a tubular calyx and fused petals.

Definition of petunia in Spanish

Flor con forma de bocina y pétalos fusionados.

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noun purple coneflower

Translation: equinácea

Definition of purple coneflower in English

Inflorescence with a central disk of yellow or red, tubular florets, which is surrounded by a set of long, pink florets that resemble petals.

Definition of purple coneflower in Spanish

Inflorescencia con un disco central que presenta en el interior flores amarillentas o rojizas de corola tubular y en el exterior flores generalmente rosa de corola alargada que parecen los pétalos del conjunto.

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noun fuchsia

Translation: fucsia

Definition of fuchsia in English

Pendulous flower that has four long sepals and four shorter petals, typically intense red and purple respectively, with long stamens.

Definition of fuchsia in Spanish

Flor colgante de cuatro sépalos largos y cuatro pétalos cortos, generalmente de color rojo intenso y púrpura respectivamente, con largos estambres.

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noun geranium

Translation: geranio

Definition of geranium in English

Round inflorescence whose flowers have five petals, five sepals, and multiple stamens.

Definition of geranium in Spanish

Inflorescencia redondeada, de flores con cinco pétalos de color variable según la especie, cinco sépalos y múltiples estambres.

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noun gladiolus

Translation: gladiolo

Definition of gladiolus in English

Elongated inflorescence whose flowers have oval-shaped tepals and stamens with yellow anthers.

Definition of gladiolus in Spanish

Inflorescencia alargada de flores con tépalos ovalados que pueden presentar colores diversos y estambres de anteras generalmente amarillas.

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noun cotton

Translation: algodón

Definition of cotton in English

Herbaceous plant or shrub that has branching stems, lobed leaves, and white or yellow flowers, which produces fluffy, fibrous seed capsules.

Definition of cotton in Spanish

Planta herbácea o arbusto pequeño que produce algodón, de abundantes ramas, hojas de tres a cinco lóbulos y flores blancas o amarillas.

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noun jasmine

Translation: jazmín

Definition of jasmine in English

Flower that has long, typically white petals and two stamens with yellow anthers.

Definition of jasmine in Spanish

Flor de pétalos alargados, generalmente blancos, con dos estambres de anteras amarillas.

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noun flax

Translation: lino

Definition of flax in English

Flower that has five oval-shaped petals, typically blue, and five sepals, which produces edible seeds and whose fibrous stem is used in textile production.

Definition of flax in Spanish

Flor de cinco pétalos ovalados y generalmente azulados, con cinco sépalos, que produce semillas comestibles y cuyo tallo posee una fibra útil para la fabricación de tejidos.

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noun iris

Translation: iris

Definition of iris in English

Flower that is typically purple, with three vertical petals that tilt inwards, and three oval-shaped sepals.

Definition of iris in Spanish

Flor, generalmente morada, de tres pétalos verticales e inclinados hacia el interior de la flor, y tres sépalos ovalados.