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Flowers VI

Flowers VI

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n. tulip

Definition of tulip in English

Cupular flower that has six oval-shaped tepals and six stamens.

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n. mimosa

Definition of mimosa in English

Round inflorescence that has yellow, tubular florets with long stamens.

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n. rhododendron

Definition of rhododendron in English

Round inflorescence with horn-shaped flowers and long stamens, whose color varies according to the species.

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n. orchid

Definition of orchid in English

Flower that has three petals, one of which is of larger size and divergent shape, with three sepals and one to three stamens.

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n. mallow

Definition of mallow in English

Flower that has five flared petals of purple or white and a central cylinder of fused stamens with purple or white anthers.

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n. valerian

Definition of valerian in English

Branched inflorescence that has pink or white, tubular florets with three stamens.

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n. honeysuckle

Definition of honeysuckle in English

Inflorescence that has tubular, lobed flowers with white, pink or yellow petals and five stamens with yellow anthers.

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n. vinca

Definition of vinca in English

Flower with five flared petals, typically purple or white, that are joined at the base to form a tubular structure.

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n. magnolia

Definition of magnolia in English

Flower that has numerous oval-shaped, white tepals and multiple purple stamens around a prominent, conical cluster of yellow pistils.