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Football Objects I

Football Objects I
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noun soccer ball

Translation: balón de fútbol

Definition of soccer ball in English

Ball that is used in soccer, which is 68-70 cm (26.8-27.6 in) in circumference and whose surface is patterned with hexagons and pentagons.

Definition of soccer ball in Spanish

Balón utilizado en el fútbol, de 68-70 cm (26,8-27,6 in) de circunferencia, segmentado en hexágonos y pentágonos.

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noun equipment

Translation: equipación

Definition of equipment in English

Clothing and accessories that are used to peform a sporting activity.

Definition of equipment in Spanish

Indumentaria y accesorios para realizar una actividad deportiva.

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noun soccer jersey

Translation: camiseta

Definition of soccer jersey in English

Jersey that is worn to play soccer, short-sleeved with a number on the back.

Definition of soccer jersey in Spanish

Camiseta para jugar al fútbol, de manga corta y con el dorsal en la trasera.

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noun number

Translation: dorsal

Definition of number in English

Number that is visibly written on a uniform to identify a sportsperson.

Definition of number in Spanish

Número que identifica a un deportista, colocado en un lugar visible de su indumentaria.

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noun shorts

Translation: pantalón corto

Definition of shorts in English

Shortened trousers that end above the knees.

Definition of shorts in Spanish

Pantalones cuyo largo no alcanza la rodilla.

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noun sock

Translation: media

Definition of sock in English

Athletic sock that typically reaches the knee.

Definition of sock in Spanish

Calcetín para hacer deporte que generalmente llega hasta la rodilla.

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noun glove

Translation: guante

Definition of glove in English

Garment that covers the hand to protect it or improve grip.

Definition of glove in Spanish

Prenda que cubre la mano para protegerla o para mejorar el agarre.

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noun shin guard

Translation: espinillera

Definition of shin guard in English

Protective equipment for the shin.

Definition of shin guard in Spanish

Pieza de protección para la espinilla.

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noun cleat

Translation: bota

Definition of cleat in English

Footwear that is designed for soccer players, which does not cover the ankle and has studs on the sole.

Definition of cleat in Spanish

Calzado diseñado para jugar al fútbol, ligeramente cortado bajo el tobillo y con tacos insertados en las suelas.