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Forest Animals II

Forest Animals II

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n. raccoon

Definition of raccoon in English

Carnivorous mammal of small size with gray fur, a thick tail with black rings, and black marks around its eyes, native to North America.

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n. skunk

Definition of skunk in English

Carnivorous mammal of small size that has black fur with white stripes and releases an unpleasant odor when threatened, native to the Americas and Asia.

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n. hedgehog

Definition of hedgehog in English

Insectivorous mammal of small size with a spiny coat that enables it to defend itself by adopting a spherical shape.

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n. squirrel

Definition of squirrel in English

Omnivorous rodent, between 6 and 30 cm in length, that has a thick, furry tail and is known for its reddish-brown, arboreal species.

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n. beaver

Definition of beaver in English

Semiaquatic rodent, herbivorous and between 70 and 80 cm in length, that has sharp, prominent incisors, thick fur, and a flat, scaly tail, known for building river dams.

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n. mole

Definition of mole in English

Subterranean mammal, insectivorous and small in size, that has poor vision, and large, strong claws that it uses to burrow.

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n. opossum

Definition of opossum in English

Omnivorous marsupial of small size that has an elongated snout, a prehensile tail, white fur on its face, grey fur on its torso, and black feet and ears, endemic to the Americas.

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n. genet

Definition of genet in English

Carnivorous mammal of small size that has tawny fur with black spots, a throat and belly of lighter colour, and a long tail marked with black rings.

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n. wolverine

Definition of wolverine in English

Omnivorous mammal of medium size with strong claws, dense brown fur, and a feirce demeanor, which inhabites cold climates.