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Full Body Clothing I

Full Body Clothing I

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n. morning dress

Definition of morning dress in English

Formal daytime outfit consisting of a long, single-buttoned coat with a nipped-in waist, notched lapels and tails, striped trousers, a light-coloured shirt with matching waistcoat and a necktie.

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n. full evening dress

Definition of full evening dress in English

Formal nighttime outfit consisting of a white shirt and matching waistcoat, bowtie, black tailcoat and trousers.

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n. tuxedo

Definition of tuxedo in English

Formal nighttime outfit consisting of a white shirt, black waistcoat or coloured cummerbund, matching bowtie, black or dark blue coat with satin lapels and hankerchief pocket and black or dark blue trousers.

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n. suit

Definition of suit in English

Outfit consisting of a jacket, trousers and occasionally a vest made from the same material, worn with a shirt and tie.

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n. dress

Definition of dress in English

One-piece, feminine garment that is comprised of a bodice and skirt.

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n. tunic

Definition of tunic in English

Loose one-piece garment which covers the torso and belts at the waist, reaching from the hips to the ankles.

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n. toga

Definition of toga in English

Loose outer garment which drapes over one shoulder to cover the tunic, worn by the people of Ancient Rome.

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n. habit

Definition of habit in English

Loose-fitting outfit worn by members of a religious order.